Thursday, April 21, 2011

More Photos.

Well, here are some more photos. I've been meeting one or two of mom's friends lately.

Me (on the right) and my brother. He's smaller and shy-er than me. But clearly equally sleepy.

This is my mom. Isn't she pretty? Even from this angle?

My head. It's not small.

Auntie Karen says that Frenchies' skeletons keep growing until 8-10 months, and we keep 'filling out' (I prefer to 'fill up', personally) until 14 months. So I guess I won't be 10.1 lbs forever. Impressive, no?

Herbert and his late beloved Rosie being office assistants.

Herbert got an ear rub from friends...and it was so good it made him forget that he's a lop.

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