Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hello, world.

After long lurking, I now have no excuse not to throw my own bun-stories into the mix.
Because I just adopted Babette. The Rab-ette.
She's a french lop, she's six months old, she's 10.1 lbs (4.5 kgs), and she's still growing.
She looks and acts like a big golden retriever puppy.

She is destined to be the new girlfriend for Herbert, the mini-lop.
My 'upstairs bunny' is Mr. Kisserroo, who was supposed to be a foster. He's now a failed foster and if I don't snuggle him properly every night before bed, he stomps, growls, and throws his foodbowl until i get up and do it. His name is actually Kisses, which is a lame name for a boy, except that he...kisses. All the time. And he's a rescued Cottontail--a real one--so he's supposed to be a meanie. Hence, it's been impossible for me to fully change his name. sigh.

OK. So.

Last we saw Herbert, he was mourning the loss of his Rosie. He would only eat in the middle of the night. He had gone from being Mr. Independent 'chase me! chase me!' rabbit into 'hug me hug me' bunny. We were all sad, but he was the saddest.
As the days went by, as days tend to do, he was less grief-y and more plain old lone-ly. I knew it was important to find him a new lady friend sooner rather than later. And I wanted a big girl this time. As it happened, Sandi at Rabbit Meadows had just such a big girl. She had taken in Tinkerbell, a French Lop who had been abandoned in the woods in Edmonds. The very next day, September 30, Tinkerbell popped out two gigantic beige babies--a boy and a girl. Six months later (aka just two days ago), the girl was spayed, I picked her up, and now all 10 pounds of her (and she' s not done growing) are in her very own pen next to 6-pound-Herbert's room. I thought I'd share some of the first conversations between her, Herbert, and me.

Last week:

Herbert: Hug me! Hug me! Hug me!
Me: Oh, Herbert, you look sad. Come here. Let me hug you.
Herbert: Schnorfle snort grunt snorfle.
(10 minutes pass..)
Me: Where's the lint roller?
(two hours pass)
Herbert: Hug me! Hug me! Hug me!

Two days ago:
Me: Herrr-berrrrt! Look what I got for YOU!!
Herbert: What IS that?
Me: Herbert, isn't she PRETTY?
Me: Herbert! Stop that!
New bunny: Oh hi. Got any snacks?
Herbert: MURDER! MURDER! MURDER! MUR....wait a sec....
New bunny: Any news on those snacks?
Herbert: I'm confused. What is that?
New bunny: Waiter? waiter!
Herbert: That thing is HUGE.
New bunny: This hay is delish.
Herbert: Uh. I'm confused.
New bunny: ho de do, la la la.
Herbert: I feel weird. I think I'm scared. And mad. And confused? And intrigued...
New bunny: This litterbox is stupid. I think I'll move it with my head.
Herbert: MOM!!! HUG ME!
Me: Oh Herbert.
Herbert: YOU LOVE IT MORE! It's going to replace me!
Me: Wow, Herbert, I had no idea your eyes had that much white around them.
New bunny: YAWN! <flop>
Herbert: AIEEEE!
Me: Herbert. Really. I got her FOR YOU. You're my bunny. She's YOUR bunny. I thought you might like to have your own bunny so I got you one.
Herbert: ....oh. Really? For me?
Me. Yes Herbert. You're my main man.
Herbert: Can I still want to kill her for a while?
Me: Hmm. I think I'll double the gate.
Herbert: She's kinda huge.
New bunny: Can I have a name please?
Me: Babette! Babette the rab-bette!
Babette: BINK!
Herbert: munch munch munch (parsley)
Babette: munch munch munch (everything in sight)
Me: Phew.

In our next episode: Bonding. Fingers crossed.

And without further ado:

My Hobby.

My paws.

My first love.

My travel pillow.

Being upside-downerated by mom. She's checking the furcut scar.

Herbert is concerned.

Kisses could care less.

xoxo! I'm so pleased to join the ranks (I hope).
Even tho I'm a terrible 'merican.

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