Monday, September 19, 2011

Under the coffee table on a sunny monday

They are so decorative, don't you think?
Bookends. With no books.
I took Babette outside today and plucked her. It looks like a bunny exploded on my front steps. And clearly, it was exhausting.
Near Enough.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dobby the Capybara!

Hello bun-fans!
And now, for something completely different. It's....Dobby the Capybara!
I discovered Dobby through various blogs--including Caplin the Capybara and, more recently, Garibaldi, who has the same humans that Caplin enjoyed.

And then I found out that Dobby is local, AND I was having a birthday, AND that Dobby and my bunnies share the same vet, and I decided those were plenty of signs supporting my own need to contact Dobby's human and brazenly ask if I could come visit him! And she said...YES. She not only said yes, she said that he even knows the word for 'visitor!'

So, last friday, off I went for the very short drive to his house. Here are some photos and videos of my capy adventure!

Dobby with his new pink blanket. I gave it to him.

Manly in pink.

Dobby noses his new Kong toy to impress upon us all that it is, indeed, HIS.

The most awesome shot of the day.

Dobby gets snuggles from his human, Stacy. She's amazing.

Dobby displays his best assett while deciding whether to swim.

"Have you admired my Kong?"




 Thanks to Dobby and Stacy for a truly lovely afternoon. Stacy and her family are wonderful...she has a big assortment of rescued animals of all shapes and sizes, from an evil hamster to a bird she raised after she found it on the road when it was only a few days old, to waterbirds and bunnies and and and...
And yet, her house is far cleaner than mine. Go figure.

As a thank you, I'm going to donate to the ROUS foundation (ROUS stands for Rodent of Unusual Size, which is reason enough to donate in my opinion). It was started by Caplin & Gari's humans to help build the knowledgebase about Capybaras to help vets help capys.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Babette + Baby

Babette had a little adventure on a neighbor's lawn yesterday, and she made a new friend.
We were talking about how cute it is to have photos of a bun with a baby...but also noted that Babette's size makes the babies look oddly small for their age!