Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I met RenoRabbits!

How exciting! I had a brush with bunny-blog fame! I was at Special Bunny, which is the rescue I work with, and there she was! Picking up Raisin, who had been staying with Angie (who runs Special Bunny) because he's had a blockage in his pooper-mechanisms and needed extra care while RenoRabbits was away recently. We decided to see if Raisin would get along with one of our shelter bunnies (Thump, the sweetest rabbit on the planet), and I supervised. And, it wasn't long before I put two and two together and realized that I was talking to Bunny Blog Royalty! She even knows Rabbits Guy and Bunny Lady.... PERSONALLY! She's been in their house! She's sat on their bunnies! (Wait, that can't be right...) She's PET RACER! She's applied nose-rubs to PRINCESS' VERY OWN PERFECT NOSE! I can hardly stand it! And...she knows Babette from the blogs! It was all very internetty and marvelous.

And seeing her reminded me that I have to let the bun-blogosphere know about two VERY important things:

1. Our Special Bunny Greek Feast and Silent Auction is coming up on October 20th in Edmonds, WA at the new Rusty Pelican. It's $50 per person, or $95 for a bonded pair of people (tee hee!) and there will be tons of amazing things to eat and buy there. And lots of bunny people of course. Click the image for a full size poster you can share!


2. We are now officially selling our fabulous Special Bunny T-Shirts! They are, we believe, the cutest things every. They are currently available in adult sizes s-2xl. 100% cotton and printed on both sides! $20 if you are local, $25 if we have to send it. Please, buy them, and repost about them! Feel free to use these photos!