Friday, April 5, 2013

I'm a Lopaholic!

...but then, aren't we all?
And this Lopaholic spent a big chunk of time last night taking a certain new lady lop to the emergency vet to get stitches in her ear, when a certain butthead small gray lop ripped it during a bonding session. Sigh. Her ears are so long that, even if I intervene really fast, and I do (I'm in the pen with them during bonding) he is still able to get his gnashers into her gorgeous ears.

I felt terrible. While I was sitting at the vet waiting for her to get her stitches, I did more surfing re: bonding and found lots of people complaining that 'teenagers' are especially hard to bond. Well, Walter is definitely a teenager. At any rate, bonding is going to stop for now. I can't put her through it and he's clearly not ready. 

And then, of course, bunnies being bunnies, I come down to this scene this morning:
Sigh. Bunnies... I mean, really.

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  1. they love to confound us don't they,xx Speedy's mum