Thursday, April 4, 2013

Blog URL changing tomorrow: I'm becoming

Hello my darling readers! And especially my 13 fearless followers (Michelle, megan, speedy, literarybuns, aunt tina, Tab, mr_cello, kellish, brandi, the One with the Camera, Julie, Dobby, and christina!) I'm going to change the name/URL of this blog to instead of babette-rabette. I will always remember my darling Babs, but it's hard to see her name every day as the title of the blog.

I  hope you like this new name! Easier to spell (a little) and also true (I'm a complete addict).

SO, I'm going to change it tonite and then tomorrow I'll post again. If you don't see a new post tomorrow in whatever you use as your feed reader, don't forget to come back and re-subscribe (not sure how Blogger handles URL changes like may move your subscription over for you).

BINKS! And bonus photo of Edward being too large to lounge in one of his three litterboxes:


  1. I understand about changing the name.

    I hope it switches over manually but if not I'll check it out.

    My bun Cinnamon sends kisses and nose bonks.

  2. Cool name! Looking forward to the new blog and the new lop!

  3. Sounds nice that name,look forward to a new beginning,xx Speedy and mum