Tuesday, May 3, 2011

In other news, don't put cones on rabbits.

Babette is doing just fine. She's in her second week of antibiotics and she's happy as a clam. I was worried because her wound is still swollen...it's like a big zit actually. The vet thinks it's a reaction to the knots in the stitches, and she's not terribly worried about it. It's getting better. And slightly less gross. So that's good.

But, don't put your bunny in an e-collar or a 'cone.' They can't reach their cecal pellets. Personally, I think they really need their cecals especially when they are on antibiotics, because antibiotics can throw their digestive systems off. So, Babette's cone came off after 12 hours. Plus, they can get their front paws stuck in the cone, which causes comical yet totally pathetic three-legged-rabbit-face-plants moments. And these are comical for maybe a nanosecond before they are sadness-causing in the bun-parent. So, even tho she licks at the area a bit, and therefore introduces some icky mouth bacteria, and it may therefore take a little longer to heal, the cone is off and tossed.

And, apropos of nothing, here is a photo of Beezy the cat and Herbert the bun. I think that Beezy looks quite otherworldly and god-like (more than he usually does) due to the light. Herbert just looks like Herbert.

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